Let's Talk About This series

This year marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty, an ambitious plan to eradicate poverty in the United States. Where is the War on Poverty in 2014? Did we "lose the war", as many critics claim? On the other hand, where would we be if the many federal programs that arose from that era did not exist? 


Every few weeks, we will feature the voice of PJC staff and others who will weigh in on the legacy of the War on Poverty and where poverty stands today. We take this opportunity to consider that debating whether we won or lost the War on Poverty is simply not enough; the fight goes on.


But let’s also do more than talk about this. We at the PJC are serious about bringing about an end to poverty. With our every move, we act with a vision of a more equitable and just society in mind. We hope that this series inspires you to take a stand for justice in your own community.




January 8, 2014: Is it a war on poverty, or a war on poor people?

By John Nethercut

January 24, 2014: War on poverty - what war?
By Matt Hill
By Michele Gilman
By John Pollock
By Nancy Sherman
By Monisha Cherayil


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